From a Wearied Wary Traveller

Concerning the Infamous and Obscure

Valley of Noise

One must speak and step particularly softly in the Valley of Noise, for such disturbances are generally held to be forbidden there. Conversations held at a whisper are permitted, but talk above that level is carried out at peril.

The Valley of Noise is not a somber place, but it is a quiet and solitudinal one. It behooves one to be earnest there. By earnest is meant seriously considerate and thoughtful adherence to oneself. The skies are full of grey, and the land is dewy grassy cliffs.

The Valley of Noise is not a terrifically social place. Interactions will and ought to be simple and short, not to exceed more than three or four moments. This is not to say that there is no LOVE in the Valley of Noise—on the contrary it is perhaps the most precious container of LOVE—but there is most definitely a lack of hatred and scorn.

Arriving at the Valley of Noise is no great ordeal, once one actually sets out. It is a journey somewhat less that thirty-five moments, depending on the course chosen. The Valley itself is some seventy or eighty moments long, and about fifty three moments wide at its widest point. These distances are misleading, however, as there are a great number of trails and alcoves which extend one’s moments to, in some cases, hundreds more than would be expected.

So far as has been seen, the only animal life in the whole of the Valley of Noise is domestic, excluding of course the INCOMPREHENSIBLE being who resides there. The LAIR of that being is hidden from all eyes, but the presence of its silent ROAR is felt at every place.

Agriculture of all kinds is unheard of by the inhabitants, although they are by unknown means supplied with berries and some nuts. Bread is a curiosity in the Valley of Noise, but largely unadored.

The LABYRINTH, or EFKALI, of histories and legends being connected to the Valley, is not known by the inhabitants, nor is there any evidence of its existence in any other form. It is most likely that it did never exist. Surmises that EFKALI is one and the same with the LAIR are absurd. This can be gathered merely from reading the various accounts of each.