Ink spot
Squid Ink
Dip Dot
Blood clot
Sometimes I want to be blackness
to be void; both not here and never have
to be nothing; gone and gone forever
to vanish; what is hello if I only know goodbye
Sometimes I want you to see me
look into pools of caramel that
burn like sugar and vaporize like
Look at skin both light too
light too dark; covered in Dalmatian’s spots
Look at teeth with gaps that
crack and let teeth my secrets through
Sometimes I want to be touched
touch crusty knees; surfaces
covered in soot from crawling
through the pyres I made
touch cotton twisted into corn rows
growing stalks of endless thoughts
Touch maps of constellations across
my skin and connect the stars
Sometimes I want you to feel me
caress me and burn
flames lick from my breast to yours
Engulfing you in a multi colored
cosmos of light
Burning you
Crisping flesh, heart and brain
Bearing your soul to me and mine
to yours