We all know the Cosmic Egg came first,
Cracked in two crowns, heaven and earth
The winged God from his broken shell began
To shape the mountains and the rivers and
Mold sacred life with His holy feathers

The Winged One made the first creatures from dirt
Meek little beings with no legs nor wings
Things which swam in water and crawled in earth
Then He crafted the worthier creatures —
Great beasts, and foremost among them — Humans
These monstrous tree-like, thick-legged bodies
Towered over Earth and rivaled mountains
Instead of wings or feathers He gave them
Strength beyond measure, and claws they called hands
To work, and build, at the Winged One’s pleasure

“I trust you with my creation,” said He
“Keep pure the waters, guard their sanctity
This abode is yours to own forever,
Stewards of the Earth, if you can keep her”

But with monstrous power came monstrous pride
Strong bodies gave way to greed and weak minds
Men disobeyed the winged God’s commandments,
Calling themselves gods, master and sovereign
As they held the power of destruction
To rip trees like limbs from Earth’s blessed flesh,
Divert rivers, raise mountains in flat fields,
And scar the visage of God’s creation.

Lust unbound, humans tore apart the Earth
Then, insatiable, turned on each other
The Human, the beast, forgot all kinship
Ripped limbs like trees from their bloody soil
Waged war to massacre and to destroy
Killed in cruelty what they held dear before
Till no human walked the Earth anymore.

Standing on silenced, smoking battlefields,
A remorseful God viewed the emptied Earth
And vowed to raise up a worthier race.

So then God made us, winged and feathered folk
Made in His image: wings, blue bars, and all
For now the Pigeon rules Earth and heaven
After the humans’ folly sealed their fall!