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George Ward: A Demonstration Regarding the Definition of the Term Killing Time

the amount of time you have / amount of things you have to do = how long time feels = 1 / how short time feels You might…

Isabella Williams: Untitled

Anonymous: the moon and the sea and neither of those things

Jack Cooper: Untitled

Kidus Yonas: Notable

The earth is round, the stars shine, and the horizon sprints cheekily from side to side. Charming solutions, about as charming as absolution; Streams of consciousness thicker than…

D. V. Gorden: Petal Teeth

My favorite person is stuck in a window, she’s lovely and tall and dressed in all black. Her smile’s a sight when it’s three stories up, she’s so…

Zoe Hinman: Untitled

Andre Pellegrin: Cloud, Beyond, Blue

Arthur Kohn: My Lost Little s

I lost a little s somewhere A short simple small little s it seems to slip into silence when it slides off my tongue she A single little…

Sophia Underwood: Untitled