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Agnieszka Axer: Mary

Owen Morgan: Green Lotus

Andrew Kim: Bathrooms on Every Floor

Dani Brown: Untitled

Alina Myer: Tree of Life

Nathan Huey: Getting Around in Minneapolis

Kit Rees: Untitled

Louis Petrich (Tutor): An Extravagant Toast

As I look at you, graduates, students, fellow learners all, I smile, for you are among the signs I seek of wellness in the soul in this country,…

Katelin Safford: Jerusalem

Here I am taking a nap with my shoes on, My two soles rudely and unevenly stacked One on another, bathed in the afternoon sunlight An image of…

Sophia Kiang: you called me a monarch butterfly & then reminded me that they are poisonous and I should watch out

tonight I was sitting on a bench and I felt an immediate urge not to feel anymore I threw myself singlehandedly down the steep hill in front of…