Jiaying You: Untitled

Annie Brong: Untitled

Bonnie Naradzay: They Workshop My Poem

The time has come for their comments on my poem; I’m the last of four. “We don’t know what the father does for a living,” says Fran. How…

Margaret O’Hare: Untitled

Kelsey Cumiskey: Honey Tangle

“Two inches should be fine––just enough to clean up the dead ends,” I ask the small, dark haired woman whose nametag calls her Nina. She parts my damp…

Ben Haas: St. John’s Gothic

Your first lab assignment is to study a tree. Your classmate misunderstood the assignment. He didn’t hand in a lab report, but the wedding is in April. The…

Simone Louw: Excerpts from a Notebook

Sarah Irving: Untitled

Tyana Dixon: Untitled

Ink spot Squid Ink Dip Dot Blood clot Sometimes I want to be blackness to be void; both not here and never have to be nothing; gone and…

Anonymous: Untitled